For events with less than 100 people, the minimum distance of 1.5 meters and the mask requirement apply, except at the fixed place. The minimum distance may be reduced if all persons have tested negative, have been vaccinated or have recovered.

The 3G model applies from 100 persons. Medical masks are mandatory, except at the fixed seat. From 1000 persons up to a maximum of 3000 persons, the 2G model applies. All persons must be vaccinated or recovered and additionally tested negative and wear an FFP2 mask throughout.

Your staff must be either vaccinated, recovered or tested negative. Artists must be vaccinated, recovered or have a negative PCR test.

You must digitally verify proof of vaccination or recovery (CovPass app / Corona Warn app) and match it with an official photo ID. You are required to maintain detailed attendance documentation showing the guest's full name, county or municipality of residence, complete address and contact information (phone number and/or email address), and time of attendance. You must keep the data for 14 days and then destroy it. For attendance documentation, we recommend checking in with the Corona Warn app. The data will be stored locally and deleted after the deadline. It is not possible to hand over the data to authorities and data mishaps are therefore ruled out. You can also fulfill the attendance documentation by collecting the data in another way, as is the case with the pre-sale of personalized tickets.

For more than 20 people, a protection and hygiene concept is mandatory. In the concept, you should also address visitor flows, access control, queues, compliance with minimum distances (1.5 m) and, above all, ventilation. The responsible authority/regulatory office can demand that you submit these protection and hygiene concepts.

If you also offer catering services, you must ensure a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between the seating / arrangement of the tables. Food and drinks may only be consumed at the table. If you open under the 2G condition, the minimum distance is no longer applicable.

Beachtet zudem die Vorgaben des Hygienerahmenkonzepts für gastronomische Betriebe, welches ihr here findet. Zudem braucht ihr eine Ausschankgenehmigung für den Ausschank alkoholischer Getränke. Dadurch könnt ihr die zuständigen Ämter informieren, dass ihr eine Veranstaltung plant. Falls Musik (die nicht selbst komponiert wurde) gespielt wird, denk an die Anmeldung bei der GEMA und die damit verbundenen Gebühren.